OUR HISTORY - Manifattura Pezzetti

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Our History

"Ennobling the lining: this is our vocation"
Francesco Pezzetti
During that time Manifattura Pezzetti became an established group, incorporating other companies, like Tessitoria Serica Piemontese, Filtex of Novara and Tessalpi of Lurate Caccivio, Como. Alongside an already strong commercial network in Italy, it began to develop another one abroad. With this in mind, in 1994 the Soieries Vincent at Annonay near Lion (France) were acquired. The company has made a new investiment in 2011 to commercial expansion, with the opening of new offices in Colleretto Giacosa, up the hills near Ivrea. In this site showrooms has been fitted out with our products, with a centre of study and research for the production of new articles and an area dedicated to the fashion art soon to follow. Moreover in 2016 we acquired Tesso Fabrics for the production of yarn dyed lining, in cupro and cotton.

Our story is a very long colourful ribbon, which began to unroll almost one hundred years ago from the draper’s shop that Granny Francesca opened in 1913 at Chatillon, in the Aosta Valley. In the 1930’s her son Piero replaced teh fabric to Turin, giving birth to a business specialized in the weaving of the linings, cotton goods and tailor interiors. Two more factories follow in Ivrea and Canavese area.
 In the 1980’s brothers Gianni and Arrigo extended the site in Castellamonte, which remains the head office today.

Today Manifattura Pezzetti is a leader in its field, in Italy and in Europe, with a production capacity around 8,5 milion metres.

The endless colourful ribbon has reached hundreds of designers, labels, businesses and boutiques: all the big italian and international fashion names are our customers. Of course we meet with equal attention the needs of emerging lables, as we do for all our clients who continue to renew their trust in us decade after decade.
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